Fire TV Fix: Restart Solves Most Problems

Problems with your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Box? A system restart will probably solve them. Whether the issue is a distorted home menu, a home screen that won’t populate fully, or that your video library isn’t showing all the shows you own, restarting the device will usually resolve the issue. Press the Home … Read more

Quick Fix For A Buggy 2015 (5th Gen) Fire HD Tablet

Here’s a tip for anyone who’s got one of those snazzy new, 5th-generation Fire tablets, the ones with the new Bellini operating system, but doesn’t use it every day. Auto-sync is a feature of every Fire tablet, going all the way back to the first generation. However, auto-sync is a little more thorough and can … Read more

Immersion Reading Fans: Easily Find Out Which Of Your Kindle Books Can Be Upgraded With Audible Narration At A Discount

It’s your friendly KF on KND Editor April Hamilton here, with a money-saving tip for Immersion Reading fans.     I am a HUGE fan of Immersion Reading. I love being able to switch back and forth between the Kindle book and the Audible edition without losing my place. I also love being able to … Read more