Amazon Now Sells Refurbished Kindle Fires With Full 1 Year Warranty, $169

Amazon is now selling refurbished Kindle Fire tablets for $169. These devices have been thoroughly tested, upgraded to the latest firmware version, come with the same power adapter cable and carry the same 1-year warranty as brand new Kindle Fire tablets. Why now? Amazon isn’t saying, but it could be that glitches in the original firmware … Read more

Tips & Tricks: If You’ve Got A Kindle Fire, You Need Amazon Prime

Let’s open with full disclosure on this: neither this site nor any of its staff receives any affiliate fees or other compensation of any kind for recommending Amazon Prime membership, or providing links to sign up for the program. We’re recommending Amazon Prime membership to Kindle Fire owners simply because it’s the best way to get … Read more

Power Users: How to Add Ebooks You Already Own to the Fire’s Books Page

You may have owned a collection of ebooks in various, non-DRMd formats before getting your hands on the Kindle Fire, and you may have transferred (or, “sideloaded”) these books onto your device. And if you did, you may have been surprised to find your collection listed under “Docs” instead of on the “Books” page of your Fire. … Read more

15 Essential Kindle Fire Features and Tips

The International Business Times has a terrific “user guide” piece about the Kindle Fire. From the article: Maximize Battery Life There are a number of tricks you can use to maximize your Kindle Fire’s battery life. First, each time you are finished using your Kindle, be sure to put it to sleep by tapping the power button on … Read more