App Spotlight: Word Puzzles

These word puzzle apps will keep your vocabulary and spelling skills sharp.   Word Connect 2: Crosswords (4.5/5 stars, currently FREE) Solve crosswords using photos as clues. Have fun with hundreds of puzzles! Each puzzle contains words associated with one photo. Try to guess these words and solve all levels! You can tap the picture … Read more

FreeApp Spotlight: Jewel Mash Offers Match-3 Fun

Today we shine the Free App Spotlight on Jewel Mash (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently FREE). From Amazon: Ahoy, mateys! Fancy a free puzzle game and a life of briny roguery on the Seven Match 3 Puzzle Seas? Then sign up for the most audacious crew of sea devils the world has ever known; join … Read more

FreeApp Spotlight: Flow Free Puzzle Apps

Here are two very popular and highly-rated puzzle apps that are also currently FREE! Flow Free and Flow Free Bridges. Flow Free (4.5/5 stars, all ages) Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each … Read more

App Spotlight: If You Love Fruit Ninja, Try Jack Lumber!

If you love Fruit Ninja, you’ll want to check this one out: Jack Lumber (4/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at $1.99). From Amazon: Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to massacre the forest in this time-warping, line-drawing, log-slicing, pun-filled lumberjacking mashup! Bust out your flannel to muster the strength and burlyness to solve … Read more

Lucky Dragon is a Strategic Endless Runner

Lucky Dragon (4/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at $1.99) is a strategy-based endless runner, sort of like a thinking person’s Flappy Bird. From Amazon: After LUMI & Dark Guardians, Studio Baikin presents their new addictive mobile game: Lucky Dragon. Fly across hundreds of levels by making obstacles disappear with a tap on the screen. … Read more

Free App Spotlight: Einstein’s Riddle Logic Puzzles

If you love classic logic puzzles, give the (currently) free Einstein’s Riddle app a try.     From Amazon: Einstein Challenge is a logic problems puzzle to challenge your brain. It is known as different names, such as Einsteins Riddle, Logic Problems, Logic Games, Dell Puzzle, Zebra Puzzle or Sherlock Holmes Puzzle.     This … Read more

App Spotlight: Cryptic Caverns Is A Mysterious Puzzler

Cryptic Caverns (3.5/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at 99 cents) is reminiscent of the hit PC game Myst. Note that while its average review rating is only 3.5/5, the negative reviews are mostly from users who found the puzzles too difficult, or felt the puzzles didn’t follow naturally from the storyline of the app. … Read more

App Spotlight: The Hidden World

The Hidden World (4/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at $1.99) is a point-and-click, puzzle-solving adventure game for all ages. From Amazon: Features: • Beautiful hand-painted graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure! • Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve! • Original soundtrack and sound effects! • A journal that keeps … Read more