App Spotlight: Cryptic Caverns Is A Mysterious Puzzler

Cryptic Caverns (3.5/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at 99 cents) is reminiscent of the hit PC game Myst. Note that while its average review rating is only 3.5/5, the negative reviews are mostly from users who found the puzzles too difficult, or felt the puzzles didn’t follow naturally from the storyline of the app. If you get the app and find you’re having difficulties solving the puzzles, see this complete walkthrough on YouTube.

From Amazon:
You are stranded on an island after a terrible shipwreck in which you are the sole survivor. You discover a thriving civilization once lived here and delve deeper to uncover the mystery of their disappearance. During your adventure you will pick up items, encounter characters, and solve puzzles that will bring you one step closer to uncovering the lost past of the island.

It was the caverns that held the key. The caverns were there before the incident that caused the collapse of the city. Since the shipwreck, you’ve heard legends of an ancient civilization that once lived far below the surface. The island has changed since the incident and you intend to find out why.

Product Features
• Point and click style gameplay
• In-depth story driven adventure
• High definition graphics
• Memorable and interesting characters
• Fun and engaging puzzles
• Beautifully detailed environments
• Over 35 unique items to discover and use
• In-game map and hints
• Auto save position


Cryptic Caverns: if you love puzzles, give it a try!


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