FreeApp Spotlight: Jewel Mash Offers Match-3 Fun

Today we shine the Free App Spotlight on Jewel Mash (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently FREE). From Amazon:

Ahoy, mateys! Fancy a free puzzle game and a life of briny roguery on the Seven Match 3 Puzzle Seas? Then sign up for the most audacious crew of sea devils the world has ever known; join Captain Le Match aboard the Gem Star, and set sail for the golden shores of Treasure Island! Your free adventure for loot and fame awaits you! Are you ready?!

Jewel Mash is a free match-3 game, filled to the brim with unique locations, characters, challenging game modes, and mind-blowing puzzles! Whether you’re a keen mobile gamer or a tablet user, Jewel Mash has plenty of match-3 action in store for you. Bust gems by yourself or take on the world with Social Media Connect and become the top sea-dog on your friends list – a free game doesn’t come much better than this!

Jewel Mash gameplay is suitable for all ages and ability levels. It’s easy to play, impossible to put down! But should you need a break from your thrilling puzzle adventure with Captain Le Match, the game will carefully track and save your progress. More levels, treasures, and pirates are on their way too!

So what are you waiting for? It’s no prey, no pay, so download and match away!


Jewel Mash: try it today!


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