App Spotlight: Word Puzzles

These word puzzle apps will keep your vocabulary and spelling skills sharp.   Word Connect 2: Crosswords (4.5/5 stars, currently FREE) Solve crosswords using photos as clues. Have fun with hundreds of puzzles! Each puzzle contains words associated with one photo. Try to guess these words and solve all levels! You can tap the picture … Read more

App Spotlight: Cat Evolution

Tapps’ Evolution casual games have consistently been among the most downloaded and highest reviewed for years, and they’ve got a new release – Cat Evolution.   Cat Evolution (5/5 stars, currently free) If you’re a cat person, we’ve got the PURR-fect game for you. Ok, maybe not, but we swear you’ll be a-MEOW-sed with this … Read more

App Spotlight: Pinochle & Canasta

At last, you can play Pinochle & Canasta, two card game classics, against the computer or real-life, online opponents in two highly-rated, free apps from KARMAN Games.   Pinochle (4/5 stars) Product Features Single-player and online multiplayer – Double and single-deck games – Really challenging computers – Options for bidding, passing cards, scoring and some … Read more

Birdwatcher Apps

Here are two birdwatcher apps that will help hobbyists identify feathered friends in the field, by both physical description and call or song.     North American Birds Sounds (4/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents) Presenting a North American Birds Sounds compilation app with high quality sounds and songs of birds found in North … Read more

App Spotlight: Nonogram Logic Puzzles

If you love logic puzzles, you’re sure to love nonogram logic puzzles: fill-in-the-blank puzzles that blend the deductive reasoning of Minesweeper with the pattern matching of Sudoku. Here are two highly-rated and free apps to try.     Griddlers Plus (4.5/5 stars) Griddlers Plus is the best Android application to solve popular logic puzzles also … Read more