App Spotlight: Pinochle & Canasta

September 27, 2016

At last, you can play Pinochle & Canasta, two card game classics, against the computer or real-life, online opponents in two highly-rated, free apps from KARMAN Games.


Pinochle (4/5 stars)

Product Features
Single-player and online multiplayer – Double and single-deck games – Really challenging computers – Options for bidding, passing cards, scoring and some regional variations – Statistics – Change names and avatars – Change a color style of the game – Choose between several decks – Landscape and portrait supported – Fits phones, tablets and HD phones



One Amazon reviewer says:
“Not only is this a great interactive pinochle game; it is the only good pinochle game out there. Please consider putting this same game into the Windows operating system format also. Bravo!!”



Canasta (4.5/5 stars)

Product Features
Single player and online multiplayer – Challenging computers – Statistics – Several decks, including special Canasta decks – Change a color style of the game – Landscape and portrait support – Fits phones, tablets and HD phones



One Amazon reviewer says:
“I can play this for hours!!!! Like playing this off line especially when you have no WI Fi . I also like the advertising is minimal.”


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