Lucky Dragon is a Strategic Endless Runner

Lucky Dragon (4/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at $1.99) is a strategy-based endless runner, sort of like a thinking person’s Flappy Bird. From Amazon:

After LUMI & Dark Guardians, Studio Baikin presents their new addictive mobile game: Lucky Dragon.

Fly across hundreds of levels by making obstacles disappear with a tap on the screen.

Avoid them and collect stars along the way to unlock the secret levels!



Amazon reviewer Robert Reese says:

“4/5 stars. Cute CLEAN & SAFE Runner – A Reverse Flappy Birds that is MUCH More Fun and Less Frustrating. Another reviewer said this was reminiscent of Flappy Birds. Yes, in a way it is. However, instead of constantly trying to chip a hole in your screen, you are strategically timing your taps to raise, lower, or otherwise manipulate walls or obstacles. The good news is the developer has chosen to include both intense levels and ‘take a rest for a second’ levels, and everything in between. This is unusual for Runner games, and very much welcomed!”


Lucky Dragon: if you love endless runner obstacle apps, give it a try!


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