Games Spotlight: Spectrum Puzzles

Puzzle fans: the very popular (currently ranked #168 in paid apps) and highly-rated (average of 4.5/5 stars across 185 reviews) Spectrum Puzzles series is worth a look. From Amazon: Admit it, you’re a puzzle freak. You like nothing better than to take a jumble of small images–or odd-shaped cardboard pieces, if you’re really old school–and produce … Read more

Games Spotlight – Cut the Rope: Experiments

We’ve written previously about Cut the Rope, the addictive, casual game sensation that’s giving Angry Birds a run for its money. Now, there’s Cut the Rope: Experiments. This version of the game is like Cut the Rope meets (the PC game) Crazy Machines or the (Nintendo DS) game Logic Machines. From Amazon: The follow-up to the award-winning … Read more

Games Spotlight: There’s A New Angry Birds In Town…or, In Space

Angry Birds: Space has only been available in Amazon’s App Store for one day, and it’s already accumulated an average review rating of 4/5 stars across 69 customer reviews! From Amazon: Blast off into the final frontier with your favorite avian avengers! The Angry Birds are back, and this time even the Earth can’t contain … Read more

Games Spotlight: Mahjong Artifacts, Chapter 2

With an average rating of 5/5 stars across over 100 customer reviews, Mahjong Artifacts, Chapter 2, is a real winner for fans of Mahjong and casual gaming. From Amazon: Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2, a highly addictive game with millions of players, takes tile-matching games in an exciting new direction. Pair up tiles to dismantle hundreds … Read more