Free App of the Day: Quote Unquote – A Winner For Word Game Fans!

Quote Unquote is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day. With an average review rating of 4.5/5 stars across over 100 reviews, this app normally sells for 99 cents but today it’s FREE!

Quote Unquote

From Amazon:

Quote Unquote, a word game for your Android device, is a unique mix of crossword-style clues and pithy quotations. Solve clues by searching for the answers within quotes from some of the greatest minds of all time–and some of the not-so-great ones, too.

Some quotes are famous, some are wise, some are funny, and some are lies! See how savvy a player you can be as you work through puzzle after fun puzzle.

Quote UnquoteWinning Words of Wisdom

In Quote Unquote, every quotation becomes a puzzle waiting to be solved. Build the answers, solve the clues, and go for perfection by using every last letter!

Additional puzzle packs are on the way. Have fun!

Reviewer T. Levesque says:

Sure you can get this app for free on Google Play but, you’ll need to pay for the extra puzzles. Today, for the [Free App of the Day], Amazon gives us ALL of the extra puzzles! 84 in all, for FREE!

…I’d say this is a pretty awesome deal! Thanks Amazon & Tiny Bite Games  =)
Oh yeah…and the game is a whole lot of fun, too! Very addictive! If you’re into crossword and other word games then, you’ll love this one! Taking up only a little over 6mb’s, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Get Quote Unquote today, white it’s FREE!


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