Video Spotlight: Fargo Season 2

<b>Video Spotlight: Fargo Season 2</b>

It’s your friendly KF on KND Editor April here, with a video recommendation. I am a huge fan of the films of the Coen brothers, and their film Fargo ranks very high among my favorite movies of all time. In that film, the best laid plans of the mousy, debt-ridden car salesman Jerry Lundegaard (played … Read more

BookGorilla Ebook Alert For 6/2/15

<b>BookGorilla Ebook Alert For 6/2/15</b>

Today’s BookGorilla free and bargain bestseller ebook alert highlights some terrific deals currently on offer at Amazon: Bestsellers, freebies and bargain books galore by authors you love, including Laura Lippman’s Baltimore Blues, Surprise-Inside Cakes, Lexi Ryan’s Unbreak Me, Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, The Bloodletter’s Daughter, 100 Days of Real Food, Scott Pratt’s An Innocent Client, … Read more

Thoughts Behind Our Recent Comparisons of BookBub and BookGorilla Daily Book Recommendations

Today we share a post from one of our partner sites, BookGorilla, which offers a free, daily, customizable ebook freebie and bargain alert you can sign up for here. Earlier this week we shared a picture that may have surprised some of our readers: a side-by-side comparison of Wednesday’s top ebook recommendations from our BookGorilla … Read more