Kids on Fire: More Schools And Teachers Accepting Kindle Books

When the book your child has selected to read is available in Kindle format, ask the teacher if it’s acceptable for your child to go with the Kindle edition.

Nowadays it’s typical for schools to require kids to read, and report on, a new book every semester from first grade all the way up through high school.

If your household has fully embraced Kindle books, it’s likely that the only time you buy picture books, chapter books or novels in hard copy is to fulfill your child’s school reading requirement. Since Kindle books are generally less expensive than their printed counterparts, and Kindle books definitely won’t end up cluttering your home when your child is done with them, you’ve probably wished you could go with Kindle books instead of print books for those assignments.

Good news!

While very few public schools allow kids to bring tablet computers or e-readers to school, more and more teachers and schools are changing with the times and allowing kids to do their at-home reading on those devices.

In the early grades, prior to middle school, kids will generally be required to bring each book they select for reading at home to show the teacher for approval in advance. But from middle school on up, if your child is being asked to read a book outside of school hours, it’s worth asking his or her teacher if it’s acceptable to use Kindle books for those assignments.

I recently did this myself when my daughter wanted to read the 100 Cupboards series for her middle school at-home reading assignments. I emailed her teacher to explain that in our home Kindle books are our preferred format, my daughter has her own Fire to read on, and since Kindle books are generally less costly than print books, I’d appreciate it very much if he could allow her to go with the Kindle editions.

He very happily agreed!

If your household is like ours, with Kindle-owning, tech-savvy kids, start asking teachers if Kindle format is acceptable. The answer may come as a pleasant surprise.


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