Kids on Fire: Student Contributor Shares Her Ideas on the “eBook vs Paper” Debate

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By Merritt Daniels, Student Guest Contributor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

I love reading, but I don’t want people thinking that I’m a shy little bookworm. Unfortunately though, that seems to be how everyone views people who enjoy reading. It’s a stereotype that is slowly evolving with the help of ebooks and ebook devices such as the Amazon Kindle. Instead of toting a book around, people carry and electronic device, which isn’t just for reading. You can play games and watch movies, on them too. It’s different approach to reading and I definitely think we are headed in the right direction with ebooks! Not only does it help prevent the stereotype, but it’s also a lot easier to carry around! I believe ebooks are a great invention and is moving this the reading world in a modern direction!

On the other hand there are some books, like your favorite ones, that you just want  an “actual tangible copy”! Even though I own my own kindle, I still buy and use paperback books for my favorite books and series! There is something about reading one of your favorite books, actually flipping the pages, and just relaxing. There is just those times, when you need to get away from everything, and a good book is just the ticket! In addition to choosing an “actual” copy of a book, there are some authors who haven’t moved their pieces to ebooks, and we don’t have the option. There are still great books out there that are not available in electronic forms. It appears that some people just prefer the old fashion book.

I feel that ebooks and ebook readers are revolutionizing the way we read and that it is a great thing. On the contrary, I  also feel that even with these modern versions of books, you will always have a need for a real copy of them too. Whether you prefer ebooks or actual books, it doesn’t matter! As long as you are enjoying reading then I feel that what ever way works for you is the best way! Everyone has a preference, but I personally love both just for different purposes! I see both being used very commonly around me whether it is free reading or required reading for school. As long a kids are reading, then we are doing “it” right!


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