The Amazon Fire Phone Is Here!

Finally, the long-rumored and hotly anticipated Amazon Fire Phone has been announced, and is now available for pre-order in both an AT&T contract version and an unlocked version. There’s a lot to say about this phone, but here are the highlights:

– $199 in the 32GB version, $299 for the 64GB version when paired with an AT&T 2-year contract

– $649 and up for the non-AT&T version

– For a limited time, comes bundled with 1 free year of Amazon Prime, extends Prime subscription for a year for existing Prime members (that’s a $99 value!)

– 4.7″ Gorilla glass (that means extra-tough) touch display with four movement-tracking cameras, all with infrared capability to “see” in the dark, built to deliver a 3D viewing experience; the demo video on this was amazing

– Built-in Firefly recognition app that can “hear” music, “see” images, “read” text or barcodes in the real world and instantly connect users to information and purchase options online

– Built-in Kindle reader with Whispersync audio immersion feature (when you own both the Kindle and audiobook versions for a given book); auto-scroll through ‘pages’ of a book with a simple screen tilt, no touch required

– Built-in Amazon MP3 / Prime Music app, also employs touch-free gesture/tilt controls

– Unlimited Cloud storage for photos

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg on this truly innovative new smart phone that’s been four years in development.


Click here to get full details and technical specs on the new Amazon Fire Phone, and/or to pre-order. The Fire phone starts shipping next month for 7/25/14 delivery.


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