Music Spotlight: Hot, $5 Alternative Rock MP3 Albums…and YES, Amazon MP3s Import To iTunes Automatically!

First Things First – Amazon MP3s Are Not Only Compatible With iTunes, They Will Import To iTunes Automatically! You may have been wanting to pick up some of the great, bargain-priced MP3 albums and free music samplers we’ve written up here, but didn’t because you use an iPod with iTunes and have assumed you would … Read more

Bargain Alert: OfficeSuite Professional 6, 50% Off!

Imagine running a suite of apps like the Microsoft Office suite of programs on your Kindle Fire. Now imagine those apps are compatible with Microsoft Office. Thanks to OfficeSuite Professional 6, you don’t just have to imagine it, you can have it today. Suddenly, your Fire isn’t just an entertainment machine but a full-fledged business productivity … Read more

Ebook Spotlight: Epic The Mongoliad, Book One Of The Foreworld Saga, Comes To Kindle

When you see that there are seven authors listed on the cover of this book, you might think The Mongoliad: Book One is a series of short stories. It’s actually the published version of what began as a dynamic, online collaboration between author Neal Stephenson and numerous other writers, artists, computer programmers and other tech and … Read more

Bargain Alert: Thousands of Free Kindle Books!

You probably already know about the thousands of pre-1923 classics available for your Kindle on Amazon, and maybe you’re also savvy to the Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling Free Kindle Books list, too. But these sources only scratch the surface of all the free books that are totally free (and totally legal!) to download for your … Read more

Instant Video Spotlight: Editor’s Picks For Offbeat, Cliche-Free Rom-Coms

In general, I am not a fan of the Romantic Comedy genre of films. Taken as a group, I find them to be too predictable, too pat, and filled with too many cliches and coincidences to be remotely believable or relatable. But every now and then, an exceptional gem comes along to buck the trend … Read more

Bargain Alert: Popular Apps at 50% Off!

Amazon is currently offering 31 popular Gameloft game apps at 50% off or more, and the excellent (and usually priced at $29.99) Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas for Tablet educational app is also currently 67% off, priced at just $9.99! James Cameron’s Avatar is 50% off at $2.49, and rated an average of 4/5 stars across … Read more

Free App of the Day: DoubleTake

Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is the tile-matching casual puzzler, DoubleTake. This popular game, which offers a high-tech twist on the old Memory card-turning game you probably played as a child, has garnered an average of 4/5 stars across 42 reviews. Reviewer sretlaw says: Great game for problem-solvers…A great little game. If you like puzzles … Read more