App Spotlight – Art Gala: Classical Masterpieces

Art lovers and students of art will want to get Art Gala: Classical Masterpieces: it’s an app that brings a gallery of masterworks to your Fire, along with a virtual docent to describe the works. From Amazon: Get lost in the timeless work of artists such as Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso and many, many others! … Read more

Smash Hit Draw Something Comes To The Fire!

One of the most popular apps of all time is now available for the Kindle Fire: Draw Something. It was just released April 25th and has already earned an average review rating of 4.5/5 across 146 reviews. From Amazon: You don’t have to be an artist to tap into your creative, doodle-loving side. Art is for everyone, so … Read more

Editor’s Ebook Pick: Grabarchuk Puzzlebooks

If you’re a fan of puzzles and brainteasers, you’ll want to try the Grabarchuk series of puzzle books. I’ve just tried my hand at  Puzzlebook: 103 Puzzle Quizzes and Puzzlebook: 101 Puzzle Quizzes, and can tell you these puzzles are quick, fun and addictive. The collections include puzzles based on pattern recognition, spatial reasoning, word … Read more

Get Ready To Hit The Great Outdoors This Spring & Summer With BackCountry Navigator Pro!

When you head out to hit the trail or campsite, BackCountry Navigator Pro is just the tool you’ll need to find your way and stay on track. From Amazon: Explore your world beyond the limits of roads and cell coverage. Plan and navigate your next outdoor adventure using Backcountry Navigator Pro and enjoy the benefits … Read more

Games Spotlight: Classic Card Games

Ah, classic card games! They’re fun, competitive, and usually require some strategy. About the only downside is that, with the exception of all the varieties of Solitaire, they usually require two or more players and there’s not always a willing companion nearby. Luckily, your Kindle Fire is always up for a game! Aces Cribbage is the Fire’s answer … Read more

Audiobook Spotlight: The Wind Through The Keyhole, A New Dark Tower Novel From Stephen King

Stephen King‘s Dark Tower series of novels are among his most popular, but those who’ve yet to try the epic saga may feel a bit intimidated at the prospect of diving into this series of seven novels that weave together the genres of Western, mystery, fantasy, folklore and horror in a dense story cycle. If that … Read more