Kids on Fire Instant Video Spotlight: Movies Kids Will Love, and Parents Can Feel Good About

It can be tough to find good movies for kids these days. Some are age-appropriate, but not very well-written or meaningful: the intellectual equivalent of junk food. Others are very engaging, but include some content that may be scary or inappropriate for younger viewers. Then there are the ones that perpetuate stereotypes you’d rather your impressionable kids weren’t … Read more

Music Spotlight: Classical Music For Readers (and workers, too!)

Having some pleasant, but non-distracting, background music can help to build and maintain focus. If you’re stuck with a tedious task at work, like filing, data entry or running adding machine tapes, music definitely helps to pass the time. And if you’ve got a Kindle Fire, it can play music in the background while you’re reading a Kindle … Read more

Instant Video Spotlight: The Modern Westerns

These aren’t your father’s, or grandfather’s Westerns. While there are many Western classics to be had from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, there have been some more recent entries to the field that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the greats of many decades past. Hidalgo (rated PG-13, avg review rating 5/5 stars, $1.99 for the Instant Video … Read more

Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 Launches With Wild

Oprah Winfrey has taken up the book club mantle once again, and her first pick is Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail. To get more information about participating in the new book club, view Oprah’s notes, read an author interview and more, click here. To purchase a special, Oprah’s Book Club Kindle … Read more

Kids on Fire: 10 Year Old Aidan Reviews Mythbusters

This week, 10 year old Aidan reviews the Discovery Channel series Mythbusters. Content Type: TV Show Description: Mythbusters is a show where Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron test viral videos, movie scenes and all kinds of things people think are true but that they never tested in real life. A … Read more