Tips & Tricks: Video Post About Basic Kindle Fire Care and Three Key Accessories

Today we present a new video post, all about basic Kindle Fire care and maintenance and three key accessories: a case, anti-glare film, and a stylus.

Featured in the video are the Poetic genuine leather 360 degree rotary case (currently 67% off at $9.99), the M-Edge case (currently priced at $29.16), the YouMee / Vertek stylus (currently 80% off at $5.99), and Speck ShieldView anti-glare film, which is demo’d side-by-side with a second Kindle Fire that doesn’t have the film applied to its screen. The Speck brand film 2-pack is currently priced at $2.99 but isn’t fulfilled by Amazon so it’s not eligible for Prime or other Amazon special offers, though a comparable product that’s currently on sale and well-reviewed is the amFilm (TM) Premium Screen Protector Film Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) for Kindle Fire (2-Pack), currently 68% off at just $6.45.

If you have any difficulty viewing the video embedded below, you can view it on the YouTube site, here.

We’ve got more of these video posts in the works, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “<b>Tips & Tricks: Video Post About Basic Kindle Fire Care and Three Key Accessories</b>”

  1. Does the antiglare protector you mention impede the touch screen? I had tried a different brand when i purchased my Fire last fall but it made the screen image a bit blurry and also effected the touch screen response. I would really like to find one that works now that I’m spending more time outdoors reading.

    • The Speck brand glare film in the video doesn’t affect touch sensitivity, and in fact even a stylus still works just the same as without the film. However, when using a stylus the film makes a faint, but audible, scratching sound, sort of like if you run a finger over a cardboard shipping box. If that sort of thing is likely to bother you, it’s probably better to use your finger instead of a stylus.

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