App Spotlight: Access Your Computer From Your Fire With Splashtop Remote Desktop

You’re probably already having a lot of fun with the Fire’s entertainment apps and features, but did you know you can turn your fire into a genuine productivity tool as well? With Splashtop Remote Desktop, you can access your computer (Mac or PC) desktop and control it remotely. Just install the app on your Fire … Read more

It’s Official: Ebooks Win

According to a piece today on, in 2011, for the first time ever, ebook production overtook hardcover print book production. From E-book production overtook hardback output in 2011 for the first time, as the number of new titles published in the UK continued to flatline, according to book production figures published by Nielsen … Read more

Become A Virtual Gladiator in Blood & Glory – For Free!

Whether you’re a fan of Gladiator, Spartacus or battle gaming, you’ll want to check out Glu Mobile’s very popular “swipe and slash” game, Blood & Glory, currently available for free in Amazon’s app store and carrying an average reviewer rating of 4.25/5 stars ! (Note that due to its violent content, this game is intended for … Read more

Amazon Now Sells Refurbished Kindle Fires With Full 1 Year Warranty, $169

Amazon is now selling refurbished Kindle Fire tablets for $169. These devices have been thoroughly tested, upgraded to the latest firmware version, come with the same power adapter cable and carry the same 1-year warranty as brand new Kindle Fire tablets. Why now? Amazon isn’t saying, but it could be that glitches in the original firmware … Read more

Amazon Prime Video Spotlight: Witchy Women

Today in the Prime Video spotlight, we present Amazon Prime Instant Videos featuring modern day witches, both with a mix of drama, comedy, romance and a touch of the supernatural, and both based on books of the same titles. First up is Practical Magic, starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. It’s currently free to stream for Prime … Read more

Audiobook Spotlight: The Neil Gaiman Presents Collection on Audible

If you’re a fan of the novels, short stories and essays of Neil Gaiman, perhaps you’ve wondered what Neil Gaiman is a fan of, or what his early literary influences might have been. Wonder no more, because Audible has tapped Gaiman to produce a library of his favorites in audiobook form. These are all new recordings, … Read more