Music Spotlight: 7 Reasons To Drop That Apple And Start Buying Digital Music On Amazon

Whether you intend to listen to music on your Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, or another device entirely (like an iPod, for example), it’s still a lot smarter to actually buy your digital music from Amazon. While I appreciate the convenience and option of being able to play digital music on my Kindle Fire, in … Read more

Video Post: Kindle Fire vs. Kindle Fire HD Audio Quality

The original, first-generation Kindle Fire had a single speaker, so the only way to get stereo sound from that device was through headphones. The newer, non-HD Kindle Fire has a hardware upgrade that includes stereo speakers, but its sound quality still pales in comparison to the Dual Dolby Digital speakers of the Kindle Fire HD. In the video … Read more

Kids on Fire: Free Kids’ Classics, In Both Kindle And Audible Formats

You may already know Amazon has bundled some classics of literature in both Kindle and Audible audiobook formats, both formats for free, in order to let owners of the latest Kindle Fire models try out Immersive Reading Technology and Whispersync for Voice (more on that below). What you may not realize is that regardless of whether you’ve bought … Read more

Video Post: Whispersync for Voice, Immersive Reading and Text to Speech on the Kindle Fire HD!

There are some features of the new Kindle Fire HD that simply must be seen to be fully understood and appreciated, so we’re kicking off a series of video posts demonstrating those features today with one on the topic of all the ways your Kindle Fire HD can read your Kindle books aloud to you. … Read more

Kindle Fire HD vs. Kindle Fire: Software and Functionality

If you already own a regular, non-HD Kindle Fire, then you know it’s a pretty nifty little multi-purpose device, sort of a step between a dedicated e-reader and a full-featured tablet computer. The new Kindle Fire HD, on the other hand, IS a full-featured tablet computer. [TIP: be sure to read all the way through this … Read more

What About TTS & Collections?

We know many Kindle Fire owners have been anxiously awaiting the announcements this week to learn if two of their most-wanted Kindle Fire features, Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Collections, would be included in some kind of firmware upgrade for existing KiLarndles. Kindle Fire Editor in Chief April L. Hamilton attended the press conference this week, and … Read more