Today’s $1.99 Kindle Daily Deals Include A Debut & A Classic

Aldous Huxley’s literary classic, Brave New World, is one of today’s $1.99 Kindle Daily Deals. From Amazon: Huxley’s bleak future prophesized in Brave New World was a capitalist civilization which had been reconstituted through scientific and psychological engineering, a world in which people are genetically designed to be passive and useful to the ruling class. … Read more

Kids on Fire: Get to Know The Sisters 8

Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s The Sisters 8 book series, for beginning readers grade 1 and up, is all about the adventures of octuplet sisters. It’s a great series to get early-reader girls excited about books, and similar in tone to Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. In these books, the kids face Big Questions, solve problems … Read more