Kids on Fire: Third Grader Reviews Will Allen And The Ring Of Terror by Jason Edwards

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eBook Title: Will Allen and the Ring of Terror (The Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency)

Author’s Name: Jason Edwards

Kindle Price: 95 Cents* As of 9.12.2012

Kids Corner @ Kindle Nation Daily Student Reviewer: Simon D.

Student Reviewer’s Grade: 3rd

Simon’s Review:

Will Allen and The Ring of Terror starts off with Will needing to help a boy named Timmy who thinks he has a monster in this closet. There is a ring in Timmy’s room that keeps ringing and he is scared! Will investigates and has to solve the mystery of the ring of terror.

I thought The Ring of Terror was awesome! The monsters were more serious than the first book (Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective) and the book was also longer. The monsters were not too scary. I laughed at the book because it was funny. It was a good mystery!

Entertainment Value: 5 stars out of 5

Device on which this book was read: Kindle Fire

Date review filed: August 20, 2012

Teacher Name: Amy Dingmann

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