A Path To Media Freedom, At Last?

Kindle Fire + iPod: The Grudging Marriage Born of Necessity Most people who have a Kindle Fire use it for apps, video, email, web browsing and reading ebooks, but not many use it for music. Music sounds great on the new HD models, but the Fire is just a little too big to easily toss … Read more

Owners’ Favorite Kindle Fire HD Accessories

We do our best here at Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily to bring quality content and accessories to your attention, but we thought you might like to hear what your fellow Kindle Fire HD owners are actually buying for a change. Herewith, we present the bestselling KFHD accessories that have been flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves … Read more

Kindle Fire HD Bluetooth: What Can It Do?

You may have heard that the new Kindle Fire HD line comes with Bluetooth functionality, and you may have thought, “Wow, that sounds cool, but what’s it for?” Bluetooth expands the capabilities and convenience of your Fire HD through Bluetooth-enabled, wireless accessories. For example: The Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Leather Case Cover (available in a model designed … Read more

Kindle Fire Charging and Speaker Docks

Why should iPad owners get all the cool accessories? Check out these great charging, syncing and speaker docks for your Kindle Fire: RND Power Solutions Deluxe Data Sync Cradle / Desktop Dock Station for Kindle Fire (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $22.99) –  Synchronize and charge your Kindle Fire with RND Power Solutions Deluxe desktop … Read more