Amazon Deal of the Day: Roku LT Streaming Player

Today only, the Roku LT has been marked down from its usual price of $49.99 to $39.00, which is a savings of 22%!

“What does this have to do with my Kindle Fire?” you may be wondering. It’s all about the Instant Videos: making them viewable on your television set in addition to your Kindle Fire, computers and portable devices.

We previously ran a piece all about the great little gadget that’s on sale today: What’s A Roku? Essentially, the Roku is a small device (and it’s VERY small) that you plug into your TV to connect it to the internet for purposes of streaming video through outlets like the Amazon Instant Video Store, Netflix, Crackle or Hulu+. Many of the latest-model TVs are already internet-ready and don’t require any extra devices to stream video, and some DVRs, Blu-ray players and other video devices have built-in internet connectivity, too. But if none of yours do, and you’d like to be able to watch Amazon Instant Videos (whether rented or purchased) on your TV, you need a streaming device like a Roku.

Note that there are no monthly service or subscription fees to pay with a Roku for using the device itself, though streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu+ do charge monthly subscription fees. When accessing Amazon Instant Videos via the Roku, Prime members pay nothing to view Prime videos, there are no fees to anyone for watching previously-purchased Instant Videos or free Instant Videos, and there are no surcharges or additional fees of any kind on top of rental fees charged for renting Instant Videos.

Amazon Instant Video is included as a video provider option right there on the main Roku menu, and it gives you instant access to your own Instant Video library as well as the Amazon Instant Video Store for browsing, buying or renting. You may find it’s easier to browse on the Amazon site, on your computer, but if you’ve bought or rented any Instant Videos, or have added some to your Watchlist, you can easily find them right there under the Amazon Instant Videos menu. Just look for the Your Library and Your Watchlist links!

If you’ve been enjoying Instant Videos on your Fire but haven’t been able to watch them on your TV, you will not regret picking up this handy little device. You’ll get much more, and better, use of your Instant Videos with the Roku LT, and today only you can get one on sale!

I’ve had a Roku HD player for about seven months now, and I LOVE it! Now I can view my Instant Videos on my nice, big, HD screen in addition to having the convenience of portability on my Fire. It’s simple to use, hardly takes up any space (it really can fit right in your hand, and I have small hands!), and is completely silent: no whirring, buzzing or humming of any kind. I personally recommend this device very highly.



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