Free App of the Day is Ultimate Jewel

Okay, not really. Today’s official Amazon Free App of the Day is also a jewel-matching game, but it’s not getting very good reviews. So if that’s your kind of game, try Ultimate Jewel (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested) a try instead. From Amazon:

Simple rules to play – match 3 or more same colour jewels vertically or horizontally to clear all the tiles to get the golden key and bring it to the bottom

Puzzle mode is for people who like to show off their skills and challenge their technique

Zen mode is for leisure without any pressure

You will experience a tuple when 4 jewels are aligned for a powerful bomb; a even more powerful bomb can be formed by combine two bombs in any colour. If 5 or more jewels are crushed, you will get a fire ball which will help you to clear one colour jewels on the game board

1000 fun and challenging levels in 10 stages


Ultimate Jewel: if you love match-3 games, get it today!


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