Kids on Fire: Last Call For This Month’s 25 Kindle Kids’ Books for $1 Each

There are just a few days left to take advantage of the deals on this month’s list of 25 Kindle Kids’ Books for $1 Each. The list includes such picture book titles as:

The House Takes A Vacation (4/5 stars)

After the Petersons leave for vacation, their house decides it wants to take a holiday, too! But the different parts of the house can’t agree on where to go. Finally, the sunporch suggests the house go to the beach. The basement refuses “to rise to the occasion,” but the rest of the house follows the front door as it leads the way—and the house has a vacation that it will never forget! Adding to the appeal are Lee White’s oil and colored pencil illustrations, which bring this “home away from home” tale to a safe and sound conclusion.


Rainstack! (4.5/5 stars)

There’s a drought in the jungle, and the animals are hot and thirsty. Lion thinks that if the animals all work together, they can come up with a solution. Should they try shaking the rain out of the sky, by jumping up and down? When the animals still can’t make it rain, Rabbit, who has always been a talented inventor, comes along.

He thinks he can solve this problem all by himself. So he makes a robot, which he just has to get as close to the sky as possible…Turns out, he may need the help of the other animals after all. With quirky artwork and a unique 64-page format, this picture book tells a tale of the power of perseverance and working as a team.


Sophie’s Lovely Locks (4.5/5 stars)

Sophie McPhee loves her long locks. Curly, curly, fancy, twirly. Twirly, whirly, long, and girly.

She thinks long hair is the best! Until…those long locks become a snarly, tangly mess.

Ouch! Suddenly, long hair isn’t so much fun. And no matter what she does, Sophie can’t control that hair!

Then Sophie comes up with the perfect solution—why not donate her hair to someone who really needs it?


Click here to browse the full list of this month’s list of 25 Kindle Kids’ Books for $1 Each.


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