Free App of the Day is Word Puzzle For The Soul

Word Puzzle For the Soul (4.5/5 stars, all ages, FREE today only) is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day, and it’s a great one for readers and fans of word puzzles. From Amazon:

Introducing “Word Puzzle for the Soul”, This is a beautiful inspirational quotes inspired Word Game.

• 482 Inspirational levels
• 8 topics
• Hours and weeks of Empowering Challenging Fun Game Play!
• Internalize/Absorb Inspiring quotes better by challenged enigmatic Game Play!.

On the game board, you are given a quote by great men and women. The tiles are shuffled and not readable. Your task is to put the tiles back into their places and recover the original quote.

To reconstruct a quote, you must swap the letter tiles until you get every correct word. The tiles can only be swapped vertically in their respective columns.
Once the original quote is revealed you level up!

Be Empowered, Motivated and Inspired by these great quotes from great minds.


Next Word (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at 99 cents) is another app from the same developer. It’s a very novel concept in word games, with some unusual gameplay. Players can choose their desired difficulty level / desired quantity of hints to customize gameplay. At the completion of each puzzle, the player is presented with an interesting quote, too!

Note: while this app is labeled as appropriate for ‘all ages’ in the App Store, some of the words used in it are PG-13 (e.g., lingerie, sexy) and some of the word associations are politically incorrect. It should probably be labeled ‘guidance suggested’.

In this game, you’re presented with a kind of flowchart of words, where words with some type of association are connected to one another. You must drag and drop additional words into their correct locations in the flowchart. The association could be between synonyms, antonyms or puns.

The gameplay is so unusual, you really have to see it in action to understand how this game works:




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