Video Post: Using Audible Audiobooks on the Kindle Fire

Audible is now part of Amazon, and that means the Audible service has been optimized to work with your Amazon account and your Kindle Fire.

In the video embedded below, you’ll see how the Audible app works on the Kindle Fire, and learn a little troubleshooting as well. If you have any difficulty viewing the video here, you can view it on YouTube by clicking this link.

If you still need more information after viewing the video, help is available. Audible has created a free Audible Application User Guide, and provides an FAQ about Audible on the Kindle Fire on their site.

For those who are not yet using Audible, here’s a special offer for new members: Happy Holidays! Download a FREE audiobook today! This offer will start you on a free, 30-day trial of an Audible Gold membership plan, which gives you one credit per 30 days—the great majority of Audible audiobooks, even current bestsellers, only “cost” one member credit. If you decide to remain a member at the end of the 30 day trial period, you’ll be billed $7.95 per month for the first three months, then your monthly fee will adjust to $14.95. At the end of those three months, or at any time after the initial, 30-day trial, you can upgrade to a Platinum membership, which gives you 2 member credits each month for $23 per month (that’s just $11.50 per book).


2 thoughts on “<b>Video Post: Using Audible Audiobooks on the Kindle Fire</b>”

  1. I enjoy my Audible account, but this video is no help in getting my account up and running on my husband’s Kindle Fire. It would have helped more had the person focused her camera. It was a waste of time.

    • It’s not possible to get a crisp focus on something so small as the onscreen text in the Audible app, it’s not a focus problem. Even though these videos are shot in HD, it’s simply a limitation of the medium. As for Audible setup, the video does address that: it says to use the pre-loaded Audible app, and if there are any problems with the app, it says to delete the pre-installed version and download the latest version from the Amazon app store. It also says that the first time you run the app you’ll be prompted to link your Amazon and Audible accounts, but it doesn’t address Audible account setup because that’s something you must do on the Audible site, not through your Fire. You use the Audible app to access a pre-existing Audible account.

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