Kindle Deal of the Day: Introducing The Cole Family Series by Noah Gordon

Today’s Kindle Deal of the Day is Noah Gordon’s bestselling and award-winning The Physician (avg review rating 4.5/5 stars), which is the first book in his Cole Family Trilogy. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction, or the history of science and medicine is sure to enjoy the series. And to get you started, today only, the Kindle edition of The Physician is priced at … Read more

Kindle Book Spotlight: If You Could Talk To The Animals…

…what might they say? Today we shine the Kindle Book Spotlight on a few titles that may just have the answers to that question. The Emotional Lives of Animals (4.5/5 stars, Kindle edition currently priced at $9.59) Based on award-winning scientist Marc Bekoff’s years studying social communication in a wide range of species, this important book … Read more

Amazon Encore Author Spotlight: R.J. Keller’s Waiting For Spring

I first read R.J. Keller’s Waiting For Spring years ago, long before it was picked up by the Amazon Encore imprint on account of its popularity with readers, and was immediately recommending it to everyone I know who can appreciate a character-driven drama. There are no car chases, explosions, serial killers or couples who “meet cute” in this … Read more

Skins For Your Kindle Fire!

If you’ve been jealously eyeing the “skins” on your friends’ smart phones, laptops, iPads and iPods, get yourself a gorgeous “skin” for your Kindle Fire and succumb to the green-eyed monster no more! “Skins” are essentially decals that you apply to the front and back of your Fire as a form of personalized decoration. They’re … Read more