Free Book Alert: The Year-God’s Daughter, Historical Fiction Set In Ancient Crete

The Year God’s Daughter is being offered for free by the author from today through 5/25. This isn’t just a book to get because it’s free though, it has an average Amazon review rating of 5/5 stars across 14 reviews. From Amazon:

Crete: A place of magic, of mystery, where violence and sacrifice meet courage and hope.
Aridela: Wrapped in legend, beloved of the people. An extraordinary woman who dances with bulls.


The north wind brings a swift ship and two brothers who plot Crete’s overthrow. Desire for this woman will propel their long rivalry into hatred so murderous it hurtles all three into an unimaginable future, and sparks the immortal rage of the Erinyes.
A woman of keen instinct and unshakeable loyalty. A proud warrior prince and his wounded half-brother. Glory, passion, treachery and conspiracy on the grandest scale.
What seems the end is only the beginning.
“Lochlann has a great flair for sensory detail and fills her novel with such a wealth of sights, sounds, smells and flavors that the reader feels absolutely immersed in the world of ancient Crete from the first page.” Historical Novel Review, January 7, 2012
Reviewer Linda Orvis says:
Character-rich, historically compelling, beautifully written.
It’s one thing to study a time in ancient history, but clearly another to become so absorbed in that time it morphs into your reality. The Year-god’s Daughter is able to accomplish just that. Lochlann’s lyrical prose and her meticulous attention to historical detail, set the stage for not only an entertaining read, but a journey into a matriarchal culture with mystical, supernatural, and shocking customs. Aridela, the main character, struggles with her destiny, which is foretold through ancient prophesies. She’s also concerned with the safety and progress of her people. The island of Crete is certainly vulnerable to its warlike and male-dominated neighbors, who see it as a ripe grape ready for the plucking. But when a ship from one of these neighbors, Mycenae, lands on the shores of Crete, Aridela comes to realize that she is more than a possible queen when she meets two half brothers: one the heir to his country’s throne, and the other born of a slave woman.
By the way, the bull jumping/dancing is one of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever read. It is also the significant beginning of Aridela’s adventure into becoming a woman and a leader.
Once you read “The Year-god’s Daughter”, you will never forget it. You will be checking the bookstores every day for ” The Thinara King,” the second installment of the “Child of the Erinyes” trilogy. I know I will.


If, like Ms. Orvis, you’d also like to return to the world of Crete introduced in The Year God’s Daughter, you can also pick up The Thinara King, which is the second book in the series. It’s also rated an average of 5/5 stars and is priced at $4.99 for the Kindle edition.

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