Music Spotlight: Smash Hit MP3 Album Some Nights From Fun. Is $5 Through 5/28!

Some Nights

If you listen to pop or alternative music on the radio at all, by now you’ve surely heard Fun.’s hit single, “We Are Young“. You know, it’s the one with the anthem-like chorus that goes:


We are young….

We can set the world on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun!

That song, which has been selected by Amazon’s music editors as one of the best pieces of music so far this year, is from the Some Nights album, which Amazon is putting on sale as a $5 MP3 album from now through 5/28. The album has an average review rating of 4/5 stars across 85 Amazon customer reviews.

The Some Nights album also includes the new, world-music flavored and also hugely popular single from which the album takes its name, Some Nights (single).

Vine Voice reviewer R. Gerard has this to say about the Some Nights album:

An ecelectic masterpiece.


The record is one where you don’t find yourself skipping over tracks. Each is packed with a catchy melody…

At some instances (“Intro” and “Some Nights”) Nate Ruess seems to summon Queen. The chorus “Why Am I the One” is tinged with early Elton John. Select bars in “All Alone” echo of early Maroon5, while a heavy bass and short, simple ostinato in “One Foot” are quite obviously Ruess’s use of hip-hop elements. This track is a standout, showcasing Fun.’s songwriting ability — a melody that builds in intensity over a simple repetition of a simple 1-1-4-5 chord progression…Each song is in a key signature that is closely related the previous song, making the entire album fit together as one whole, well-crafted structure. Musicians will be thrilled at this.
Musically, the songs are filled with masterful instrumentations and compositional techniques that keep the listening experience interesting. For example, stark tempo changes, as in “We Are Young,” and modulations to minor key as in the end of “One Foot” aren’t just clever insertions. Rather, they compliment the already memorable melodies.

Pick up Fun.’s Some Nights MP3 album, $5 through 5/28 (and remember: MP3s purchased from Amazon work with iTunes).


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