Bargain Alert: This Weekend’s Digital Deals Winners!

Each Wednesday Amazon announces its list of 4 instant video rentals, 4 Kindle books, 4 MP3 albums and 4 videogame downloads for customers to vote on. The item in each category that gets the most votes is then offered at a discount price the following weekend.

The votes from last week’s contenders are in, and here are the weekly Digital Deals winners for this weekend:

In videos, The Godfather, being offered as a $1.99 rental this weekend.

In music, it’s Classic Dino: The Best of Dean Martin, priced at $5 for the MP3 album download through Sunday.

Your Kindle book winner is Plan C: Just in Case, available to purchase this weekend only for $1.99.

And the videogame download winner is Big Kahuna Words, a $1.99 PC/Mac download through Sunday.

Get ’em while they’re on sale, and be sure to vote for next weekend’s bargains, too!


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