Audible Introduces Sound Bytes

The Metamorphosis | [Franz Kafka]

If you’re a fan of shorter-length fiction and nonfiction, Audible’s new Sound Bytes program was made for you. Audible describes the program:

Sometimes, in your day-to-day, a quick listen is all you need. Maybe you need a story to keep you company on a short commute, or maybe you’re a completionist who won’t be happy until you own every audiobook starring your favorite characters. Perhaps you’d like to listen to an entire book in one sitting. In order to help with these dilemmas, we’re excited to introduce SoundBytes—shorter works from your favorite authors, plus new writers to discover, for $4.50 or less for a limited time.

The current list of Sound Bytes titles includes Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Cormac McCarthy’s The Sunset Limited: A Novel In Dramatic Form, Eastern classic The Book of Five Rings, and Orson Scott Card’s Space Boy. If any of these or the 16 other current Sound Bytes titles pique your interest, get them NOW because the current roster of Sound Bytes titles is being offered at discount prices for just one week, and all the 20 titles on the current list will go back up to their usual pricing on April 5.


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