Use Your Kindle Fire To Manage Your Finances!

Bills ReminderYour Kindle Fire isn’t just an ereader, game console, video or music player. It’s a true Android tablet computer, and you can do a lot of the same things on the Fire that you can do on a laptop or PC. Managing your finances, for example.

The Bills Reminder app is a great way to keep track of what’s due, and when. From Amazon:

This all-in-one app for Android makes it a cinch to manage your upcoming and overdue bills while on the go.

Track and Manage Bills Easily

The easy-to-use interface lets you easily enter all of your monthly bills, such as rent, credit cards, car payments, and more. Another great feature lets you record paid bills and invoices for future reference…

Set Reminders and Get Notifications

Simply key in your payment due date, and Bills Reminder will notify you in advance when your bill payment is coming due. Make sure the app works for you and your schedule by customizing the exact time and day for your reminders. The app will notify you of both upcoming and overdue bills for one-time payments and recurring bills.

Sync Files with your Computer

Bills Reminder allows you to copy files to and from your computer via USB, so you can forget about the tedious process of updating both your Android device and PC.

Reviewer T. Levesque “The “Kindle Queen” says,

Initially, I wasn’t going to bother downloading this app after reading the couple of reviews complaining of errors & difficultly entering their income entries. However, because I was in need of an app to where I could at least schedule all of my many (ridiculously!) numerous bills into one simple program. I’m glad I’d ignored a couple negative reviews or I’d have missed out on a really good app.

I was able to easily input my bills, create bill names or categories, give each bill or bill category a color for easy recognition, input the bill amounts, assign dates due, assign a reminders of my choice for days in advance. I especially like the added note feature. This allows me an unlimited amount of space to write for any bill. For example: I have one bill coming up to pay for work on repair to my Jeep at the end of this month. But, I have questions about those repairs before I finish paying. I wrote those questions into the app so I wouldn’t forget all of them [when] that time comes.

iQuick DebtPayoffThe iQuick DebtPayoff app helps you determine the optimal plan for paying down your various credit cards in order to minimize interest payments, calculate complete amortization schedules for loans, and even save complete payment schedules. From Amazon:

Pay off your debt faster with some help from this app on your Android. Calculate
payment schedules for multiple loans. This app utilizes the roll-down  accelerated payment method to find your debt payoff plan and make you debt free
quickly. Use this powerful and user-friendly loan calculator for setting debt
elimination plans and save thousands of dollars in interest. Compare up to 10 loans to see which one is best for you.

This popular personal finance app is currently rated #4 in Amazon’s Banking & Finance app category. Reviewer LJay says, “Great customer service!” and reviewer alurac says, “like a lot”.

For a full-featured budgeting and money management app, consider investing a few more dollars to get MoneyWise Pro (currently priced at $6.98 in Amazon’s App Store).  From Amazon:

Track, sort, and filter your everyday expenses with MoneyWise, a powerful finance application for Android.

This is a professional budget tracker app designed with an approachable, user-friendly interface. View data using graphs to analyze expenses at a glance. Sort data into categories to classify your expenses: Private/Work, Cash/Credit, Projects, and expense accounts. You can even export your data as an HTML file for printing and archiving once you’re done.

This pro version of MoneyWise is ad-free and has no limitations on the number of accounts, tags, budgets, HTML exports, and other features in the app.

Reviewer Anthony Dudley says, “I needed a ledger that could keep track of my flow of money from multiple accounts while tracking my overall spending habits and this app works great for me…I love this application because it works well at tracking all my account balances. The pie chart breakdown of your expenses is a great tool at viewing your monthly expendetures by category.”

So don’t just use your Fire for entertainment, it can do some real work for you, too!


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