Digitimes Reports 7″ and 10″ Fire Tablets Are Coming

Kindle Fire, a Kindle for web, movies, apps, games, reading and more
Apparently, Amazon is not taking the release of the new iPad lying down.

According to a piece on Digitimes, Amazon is investing in expanding the Fire product line and scaling back on orders for e-Ink displays. From Digitimes:

Amazon plans to launch two new tablet PCs, a 7-inch model and another 10-inch model, in the second half of 2012, a move which could cast a shadow on the future development of e-book readers, according to industry sources.

Amazon shipped 3.98 million Kindle Fire tablet PCs in the fourth quarter of 2011, taking up a 14% share of the global tablet PC market as well as the second position in the vendor rankings, according to market data.

Due to strong sales of Kindle Fire, Amazon has shifted its focus from e-book readers to tablet PCs, and so plans to launch a 10-inch model in the second half, instead of an 8.9-inch model projected previously, the sources revealed.

Read the full story on Digitimes.

Don’t worry that these moves on Amazon’s part signal abandonment of monochrome Kindles or first-generation Fires, though. Amazon may be looking to draw new Kindle fans with a tablet device to rival the latest iPad, and may be hoping to nudge some upgrades among current owners of Kindles and Fires. But despite the release of 4 new monochrome Kindle models and the Fire since the launch of the original Kindle back in 2007, Amazon has continued to manufacture, sell and support ALL of its various Kindle models. Its reduced orders for e-Ink displays is most likely in anticipation of decreased demand for e-Ink Kindles as the popularity of full-color, touchscreen tablets continues to grow.


9 thoughts on “<b>Digitimes Reports 7″ and 10″ Fire Tablets Are Coming</b>”

  1. I like the Eink display that is one of the things I do not like about the Kindle Fire is the glossy screen. While I do over all LOVE the thing the shiny screen and the way the battery gets used up so FAST are two drawbacks.

  2. It really makes me mad that no longer do I get something, like my New Kindle fire a new one pops up! I’ve already bought 2 of the newest kindles available in just a years time but now mine is going to be outdated in less than 4 months of having it! That really sucks and I’m mad as hell!! I cold have bought the new one that’s coming out for what I paid for the 2 I have now!

  3. This makes perfect sense. If Amazon is to remain a forward-looking company, it must improve it’s products. I use a Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Fire . . . Constantly! I’m an Amazon customer as long as they produce quality products, respect their client base, treat their employees fairly; and, maintain competitive pricing.

  4. Will I be able to trade in for a 10″ fire with an additional cost or will it be like apple where if you want to upgrade it will mean you have to own more than one and keep spending money you don’t have ?

    • We can’t say. This will be an Amazon decision, and Amazon hasn’t even officially announced the new Fire devices so they haven’t said anything about upgrading.

  5. Will this Kindle Fire/tablet have a 3G or 4G? Will it still be free to get this Amazon internet. I love it BTW. I have a Kindle Fire now and I love it. My husband wants it so I told him when the KF comes out with the 3 or 4G he can have my regular Fire.

    • Amazon hasn’t made any official announcements about the new tablets yet, so no specs have been released. We’ll post as soon as we hear anything more. : )

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