Are You Taking Advantage of Amazon’s Free App of the Day?

Did you know Amazon offers a free app for your Kindle Fire every single day? These aren’t just apps that are always free, but apps that you’d have to pay for on any other day. If you’re not checking them out, you could be missing some fun and useful little programs—all for free!

There’s no risk in giving them a try, either. If you decide you don’t like something you’ve downloaded, deleting it from your Fire is simple. Just long-press on the app icon and select “Remove from Device”.

To delete the app from your digital library (a.k.a. ‘the cloud’), go to the Amazon site, login to your customer account and click on the Your Account link (just above the shopping cart icon on any page), then scroll down to the Digital Content area of the My Account page and click on the Your Apps and Devices link. On the Your Apps and Devices page, you’ll find an “Actions” button at the right-hand side of each app listed. One of the options there is to “Delete This App”.

Try to get in the habit of tapping on Apps > Store each time you turn on your Fire for the first time on a given day. The Free App of the Day is prominently featured right there on the front page of Amazon’s App Store. And if you find one you like, repay the software developer’s generosity by spreading the news on Facebook, Twitter, or just telling family and friends about it directly. Even when they stop being a Free App of the Day most apps only cost a dollar or two, and those that find a place among your favorites are worth at least that much.



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