Which Generation Is My Fire Tablet?

Since Amazon Underground launched with support for 3rd and 4th generation tablets, but not 1st and 2nd generation Fires, many Fire owners are asking how to tell which generation their own Fire belongs to.



First & Second Generation Fire Identification: Serial Numbers
This method works for first and second generation Fires. Look up your Fire’s serial number by going to Settings > More > Device and match up the first four digits/characters with the choices below:

D01E: First generation

B0C9, B0CA, B0CB, B0CC, D025, D026, D059: Second generation


Third & Fourth Generation Fire Identification: Device Model Menu Item
On third and fourth gen Fires, on the Fire you can just go to the Settings > Device Options menu and scroll down to the Device Model item shown there.

Both the model name and generation will be listed.


The Super-Technical Method
Amazon provides developers with a technical specifications chart that covers all past and present Fire models. It lists all the hardware, firmware and software details for every Fire model.

This chart isn’t really intended for consumers so it won’t be very user-friendly to non-developers, but if you’d like to see it, click here.


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