Music Spotlight: Classical Music For Readers (and workers, too!)

Having some pleasant, but non-distracting, background music can help to build and maintain focus. If you’re stuck with a tedious task at work, like filing, data entry or running adding machine tapes, music definitely helps to pass the time. And if you’ve got a Kindle Fire, it can play music in the background while you’re reading a Kindle … Read more

Bargain Alert: 100 Classical Masterpieces – Each Collection Of 100 Tracks Is Just $1.99!

This incredible deal seems too good to be true, but true is exactly what it is! The classical MP3 album series, 100 Supreme Classical Masterpieces: Rise of the Masters, is currently on sale for just $1.99 per album, and each album contains 100 tracks! That’s a savings of $97.01 for each album, compared to buying all the … Read more