Music Spotlight: A Classical Encyclopedia

A Classical Encyclopedia: A as in Adagio

A Classical Encyclopedia is a great new A – Z catalog of classical music MP3 albums categorized by musical styles, general themes and composers, curated by X5 Music Group and released earlier this month.

First in the series is A as in Adagio. Second is B as in Bach. Themed offerings in the series include Y as in Yoga, Z as in Zeitgeist, and N as in Nature.

Each MP3 album includes 23 – 25 tracks (most have 25) from a variety of conductors and orchestras, and the price for each album is $3.99.

While composer-themed albums like M as in Mozart, are limited to a specific composer’s music, others in the series contain music from a mix of composers. The first album, A as in Adagio, is currently available at the introductory price of $2.99.

Check out the whole series on Amazon.


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