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Basic Kindle Fire Care & Key Accessories – a video post

The Multi-Kindle Household – All About Shared Content

The Hidden Costs Of “Free” Apps

Mailbag #1 – KF on KND Answers Your Questions About The Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD



Kindle Fire HD vs. Kindle Fire: Software and Functionality

Video Post: Whispersync for Voice, Immersive Reading and Text to Speech on the Kindle Fire HD!

About Those “Special Offers” On The New Kindle Fire HD…

Video Post: Movie X-Ray On The Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD Bluetooth: What Can It Do?

How To Decide Which Kindle Fire HD Is Right For You



How To Use Our Categorized, Sortable Content Lists On Your Kindle Fire

Use The Free Instapaper App To Capture Online Articles & Send Them To Your Kindle Fire

Use Amazon’s Free Send to Kindle Program To Send Personal Documents to Your Kindle or Kindle Fire



Amazon Instant Video Help: Stream vs. Download, Rent vs. Buy, Prime vs. Not

How-To’s: Managing Your Instant Video Library

Bench Testing & Mythbusting Video On The Kindle Fire

Playing Video You Already Own, Plus Netflix & Ultraviolet Videos, On Your Kindle Fire



Viewing Comics & Graphic Novels On The Kindle Fire: Comixology Guided View vs. Kindle Panel View – a video post

Getting Started With Audible On Your Kindle Fire

Using Audible On Your Kindle Fire – a video post



Playing Music on the Kindle Fire – a Kindle Nation Daily How-To Video

Music: Amazon MP3s Are Compatible With iTunes, iCloud and iTunes Match

Digital Music: Amazon vs. Apple



Viewing magazines on the Kindle Fire


11 thoughts on “<b>Kindle Fire Help</b>”

    • Just long-tap the icon for the book’s cover, then select “remove from device” from the pop-up menu. Note that the book will still remain in your library in Amazon’s cloud, so you can download it to your device to read again anytime you like in the future.

  1. I think I’ve clicked everything on this page but have not found where I can subscribe. I tried logging in, hoping it would ask me if I wanted to join but it did not. I read where you give away Kindle Fires every day and would sure like to get in the running. How do I do this? Thanks, Phyllis

    • We don’t know what you mean, because we don’t have any “text list”, or even an email list. We don’t send any communications directly to our readers in any way, though we do post links on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve set your Twitter or Facebook account to automatically send you an alert anytime a page or person you follow posts an update, you’ll have to adjust your settings on the appropriate site (Twitter or Facebook).

    • You haven’t provided enough specifics for us to help. Did you try going to Your Account > Manage Your Content and Devices on the Amazon site and using the “Actions” button from there to send the content to your device?

  2. On my husgand’s new Fire HDX 8.9 when albums are playing the sound fades (or minimizes) for the last several seconds before going on to the next track. It does it on albums that have been purchased and are stored either in the Amazon Cloud or downloaded to the device. We spent over an hour on the phone with various Amazon specialists. The device was factory re-set, and it still persists. They are sending a replacement unit, which is backordered. The last help specialist was in a country that does not permit music downloading, so she could not see if she could duplicate it.

    Does this happen to anyone else? It seems to me that there should be a setting somewhere to turn off auto-fade. But none of those working with us could find it. I am wondering if a replacement will solve it, or if it is a settings issue, or a bug.

    • Most music tracks fade out at the end, it’s more unusual for the music to continue at the same volume level right to the end. But assuming you’re talking about tracks that you know for a fact are supposed to remain at the same volume right to the end, then there are a couple of possibilities:

      1. Did the music go through any intermediate steps or locations between purchase and upload to Amazon’s Cloud, such as being imported to iTunes originally and then exported? If so, there may have been a preferences setting that applied the fade-out to the tracks while they were in that other program or location. There is a setting for this in iTunes.

      2. Are you using a different app than the default, Amazon music app on the Fire? If so, there could be a setting in the app for this. There is no such setting in Amazon’s own, default music player app.


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