Makes a Bet on the Kindle Fire, Launches Cloud Storage App

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “cloud computing” lately, and it’s a term with which Kindle Fire owners should become familiar, if they don’t already know what it means. Cloud computing means storing files and even software programs on a centralized server and accessing them via the web or a private communications network (such as … Read more

App Spotlight: 3 Terrific Free Puzzle Games

The bewildering quantity of games available for your Kindle Fire can be overwhelming, but if you’re a fan of casual puzzle games, here are three we’ve tried and can personally recommend—and they’re all currently available for free in the Amazon Android App Store! First up, Greedy Spiders. This turn-based logic game is fun for kids … Read more

Looking For A Few Good Fire Apps?

If you’re looking for something fun or productive to do with your Kindle Fire, there’s an app for that! From Jonathan Takiff on NEWS GATHERING 101: To me, the most magical thing about a  tablet computer is its ability to bring the world to your hands through  so-called “content aggregators.” These are focused, customizable … Read more