A bloody, haunted night awaits Lola and all those around her…. Lola’s Haunter by J. Neira

Lola’s Haunter

by J. Neira
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Here’s the set-up:

Lola’s dreams are haunted by memories of Darwin’s Drop, the amusement park that closed after being the cause of a puzzling accident. It’s been nine years, but Lola hasn’t forgotten the terrifying eyes of that mascot. Sometimes, she imagines she feels the blood splattering her face from the scene of the accident.

But Darwin’s Drop has been closed for nine years, its grounds overrun with nature. There are other things to occupy Lola’s mind. When she isn’t devoting her time to unrelated college studies or parties where she can imitate viral Goth dances, she spends her time searching for evidence of the supernatural with her skeptic friend, Olivia.

Her world changes when she is tricked into attending a party and ends up getting into a brutal brawl with a rich girl, who she attempts to cancel the next day. That same night, she is lured back to the now overrun with nature Darwin’s Drop and has a terrifying encounter. Believing she has found proof of ghosts; Lola determines to return to the amusement park with Olivia to conduct further studies. Meanwhile, the girl Lola fought with becomes obsessed with stopping her cancelation at the hands of the Goth girl. She embarks on an escalating tit-for-tat conflict with Lola, determined to get revenge on Lola for humiliating her party.

A bloody, haunted night awaits Lola and all those around her.

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