This is not your normal space opera! It is a novel of ideas wrapped in a cautionary tale and a love letter to philosophy. Prepare for a deep dive in K. K. Edin’s stunning debut The Measurements of Decay!

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The Measurements of Decay

by K. K. Edin
4.7 stars – 16 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
A book so dense with ideas it baffles me that it could live inside someone’s head…I couldn’t put it down. I read it every spare minute I had.” David McAllister, The Gallifreyan Buccaneer

In the far future, Earth’s nearby star systems have been colonized. Outfitted with a device that allows them to escape into hallucinations at will, people spend most of their time withdrawn into their own minds. Tikan Solstafir, a renegade who refuses the illusory life enjoyed by others, lives in self-imposed exile on a starship. When a mysterious enemy attacks the ship, Tikan embarks on a mission to destroy the galactic tyranny and liberate humanity from its own dreams.

Meanwhile, in the 21st Century, a disillusioned philosopher believes that humanity’s collective misery originates in people’s failure to communicate with others and make sense of the world. Growing increasingly misanthropic and monomaniacal, he proceeds on a hermetic quest to save humanity from itself, while also succumbing to his own moral decline.

As these stories intertwine, a young girl reappears through various epochs, fleeting through Ancient Greece, Medieval Norway, Bolshevik Russia, among others. Unbound by time, Sielle has formed few attachments. Eventually thrust into Tikan’s world, she becomes unwillingly entangled in a political scheme spanning centuries.

An engrossing and multi-layered science fiction epic, The Measurements of Decay is K. K. Edin’s stunning debut. At once a tortured love letter to philosophy and a space opera spanning centuries, it is a novel of ideas wrapped in a cautionary tale.

Purchase The Measurements of Decay today and discover how small events in the present grow to dominate the far future.

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