FreeApp Spotlight: Apps for Meditation, Yoga & Sleep

These apps can help improve your focus and mindfulness during yoga or meditation, or quiet your mind for sleep with white noise, music & nature sounds.

Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax (4.5/5 stars)

Now available for Android, Calm can help you meditate, sleep, relax and much more. By downloading this app, you’ll discover how meditation can improve your mood – and your life.


– The 7 Steps of Calm – learn how to meditate with this easy-to-follow program

– 7 guided meditation sessions from 2 to 30 minutes – for whenever you need a break from your day

– 10 beautiful nature scenes – choose the right background sounds to help you relax


Relax Melodies Oriental: A white noise ambience for sleep, meditation & yoga (4.5/5 stars)

Relax Melodies Meditation is the ideal assistant to help you create an ambience of relaxation and meditation regardless of the location or time! With the help of zen sounds including water running, birds in a forest, or a distant storm with rain, reach a peaceful state of mind to increase your meditation. Perfect to release tension while massaging or during a yoga session.

Additionally, Relax Melodies Meditation is indented to help you sleep. White noise sounds are designed to overcome insomnia by taking your mind into a deep state of relaxation. It makes the best of each of your sleep cycle while sleeping. Ideal when taking a nap or before going to bed!

1. Create your ambience by selecting relaxing sounds and music melodies that you like.

2. Slip naturally into a meditative state or a deep sleep

3. Wake up rejuvenated

4. Repeat steps over whenever needed!


White Noise, Rain, Ocean, Storm, Forest, Birds, Water, Thunderstorm, River, Winds, Flute, Waterfall, Underwater, Whales, Crickets and more!


Relax Melodies: A white noise ambience for sleep, meditation & yoga (4.5/5 stars)

Relax Melodies, the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance, is now available for your Android device! No more insomnia for you, tension is a thing of the past at any moment!

Just custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 52, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep. This is the ultimate relaxation experience and it’s super easy to use!

Get the most personalized relaxation experience it’s possible to have. With just a few taps, you can create the exact MELODY that resonates perfectly with you. With ambient and binaural selections, you can choose whether to simply relax or tell your brain that it’s time for sleep. It can even help your baby fall asleep faster!


OM Meditation: Mantra Chanting (4.5/5 stars)

A simple, no-nonsense meditation timer, trainer & helper for chanting various powerful “OM” Mantras. These time-tested Vedic Om (AUM) mantras will relax your mind and body, cure sleep disorders and uplift your soul.

Om is regarded as the eternal sound which is there in the universe all the time. It is said to be the only sound you would hear when you go into deep meditation.

The wordings and meanings of all mantras are provided for your easy reference. Meditation instructions are included to help beginners. It also features a Silent Meditation mode to help Breathe Meditation.

This handy meditation tool comes with a lot of configuration options. Hide and sort mantras, change the pause, set the repeat count, bell interval etc, and set it to auto play to create a meditation routine that is just right for you! You can even generate some nice reports to track & analyze your meditation!

In spite of the small install size, it comes with 20+ Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain popular mantras of good audio quality and correct pronunciations. Further, you are free to change one or more of the audio tracks or associated images if you have a better or more familiar one.


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