Featured FreeApp Is Move It!

Today’s featured free app is a block-sliding puzzle game.

Move It! Free (4/5 stars, guidance suggested)

Move it! Free is a challenging and engrossing sliding block game. The goal is simple: Move the bright red square to a matching square on the game board by sliding the colored columns and blocks out of the way. It sounds easy, and for the first few levels, it is. But the farther you go at various difficulty settings, the more daunting–and even maddening–the game gets.


Clear the Way
This app provides a different spin on traditional moving block games. Colored columns and blocks of different lengths and sizes may be moved either vertically or horizontally by dragging them around the screen. While some puzzles are easy, others require more than 100 moves to solve, creating a rewarding game experience.

On each level, Move it! shows the minimum number of moves needed to solve the puzzle. Try to finish each level in the fewest moves you can, setting records and earning trophies as you go. With six levels of difficulty, from Novice to Expert, and 30 puzzles in each level, this game has enough challenges to keep you busy for hours, if not days or weeks.


Feature Rich
This is a well-designed game with vibrant colors and lots of fun features. There is an Undo option, so you can back up as many moves as you like if you’ve reached a dead end. Menu options include selecting background colors, sound effects, and animated screen transitions, as well as a tutorial mode. With a pleasing interface and smooth gameplay, Move it! will appeal to casual gamers and puzzle fans alike.


Move it! Free: try it today!

Note that a premium, ad-free version of this app is also available here, currently priced at 99 cents.


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