Go inside the mind of a killer, as he tries to remove what he believes is the “cancer” of reality television one show at a time…
The Harshest Reality by Kevin D’Onofrio

October 5, 2015

“A thoroughly eerie story of a murderer with the potential to rattle even the most seasoned readers.” – Kirkus Reviews

The Harshest Reality

by Kevin D’Onofrio

The Harshest Reality
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Here’s the set-up:

The Harshest Reality takes you inside the mind of the killer as he tries to remove what he believes is the “cancer” of reality television one show at a time.

When the most popular reality television star in America dies in a tragic accident, the entertainment world and its fans are left in mourning.

Less than a day later, another popular reality television star is found dead from an apparent suicide, throwing the industry further into a state of shock.

As the body count of reality stars across the country rises, will law enforcement be able to establish the connection to these deaths that seem otherwise unrelated?

It is up to FBI Agent Ryan Samuels and his team to discover the connection and attempt to stop the killings.

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