Free Windows Download of U.S. Constitution PC App

August 25, 2014

NOTE: This is NOT a Kindle or Kindle Fire app, it’s a FREE Windows (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8) download for your PC.

Every American from high school age on up should have a working knowledge of our country’s Constitution, the foundation upon which our democratic government and legal system are run. The FREE The Constitution of the United States of America – Secure Windows App download is a terrific tool for getting up to speed with the U.S. Constitution, whether for students or anyone who wants to get a better grasp on this critical document. From Amazon:

Product Features

Fully Indexed and Searchable – guaranteed to find what you are looking for

Intuitive Built-in Secure Viewer App – Copy & Paste, Drag & Drop, adjust the font size etc.

MultiView – Search and view up to four Articles at the same time

Notes – Bookmark and Collaborate in Context with other users using email

Downloads in Seconds for Instant Off-line Access with the Drag-on icon on your desktop


The Constitution of the United States of America – Secure Windows App download: get it today, study up, and dive into future discussions about the “constitutionality” of this or that with confidence!


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