Kids on Fire: DC Comics’ 52 Series For Tweens & Up, On Sale For 99 Cents Each

The DC Comics 52 Series covers 52 weeks—one issue per week—when Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman weren’t around to protect humanity, and other would-be heroes had their opportunity to step up to the plate. Right now, Amazon’s put the entire 52 Series on sale for 99 cents each, and the first book in the series is currently FREE!

Note that while there’s no objectionable language or explicit scenes of violence or intimacy in these graphic novels, the scenarios and vocabulary in them probably wouldn’t appeal to younger children.

Included in the sale:

52 #1 (currently FREE)

The DCU spent a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman–a year in which the fate of the world hung in the balance! Now Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid deliver the thrilling tale of the heroes who protected the planet in their absence in this best-selling series.


52 #2

Ralph Dibny begins to investigate the defilement of his wife’s grave, while celebrity superhero Booster Gold plays detective to solve the mystery of the apparently altered timeline.

Meanwhile, Renee Montoya might not want answers, but she must face the Question!




52 #3

Black Adam lays down an ultimatum for his home of Kahndaq and John Henry Irons investigates the dead body of Lex Luthor with the help of…Lex Luthor?!

Week 3 of the DC Comics series by superstar writers Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid!




52 #4

Renee Montoya and the Question look for answers, as does Ralph Dibny when he confronts the Cult of Conner.

Meanwhile, John Henry Irons discovers the literal meaning of Man of Steel and lost heroes return in Week 4!




Click here to browse the full 52 Series Sale.


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