Free App of the Day is Mahjong Premium

Mahjong Premium (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested) is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day. From Amazon:

Classic game of Mahjong Solitaire with lively graphics, automatic zoom, high resolution tiles designed for tablets and larger phones.

•- 7 tilesets including Classic, Western and Halloween

•- More than 35 different patterns
•- Lovely music
•- 8 backgrounds
•- Automatic Zoom
•- Undo
•- Reshuffle
•- Time
•- Score
•- Autosave
•- Always solvable

•- 3 randomly generated patterns for infinite play (more soon)

•- Pinch to zoom and scrolling with two fingers for smaller screens (requires multitouch)


Mahjong Premium: get it today, while it’s Amazon’s Free App of the Day!


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