Bargain Alert: Dr. Seuss Interactive Book Apps Up to 80% Off!

If you missed the last big sale on these terrific interactive book apps from Oceanhouse Media, now you’ve got a second chance! But as with so many Amazon sales, we can’t say how long this one will last so if you see anything you want included in the sale, be sure to get it right away.

19 Dr. Seuss interactive Storybooks are currently priced at up to 80% off in the Amazon App Store! All of these books feature an audio narration option, read-along highlighting, fun music, sound effects, and animations. Several are priced at just 99 cents each, including these popular titles:

The Cat In The Hat (4.5/5 stars)

Kids love this tale of a well-meaning cat who arrives to keep a bored brother and sister amused on a rainy day, the disastrous outcomes of his plans and ideas, and the group’s eventual recovery from their madcap misadventures.

Green Eggs and Ham (4.5/5 stars)

It’s a silly rhyme-along about sweet Sam and his attempts to get a friend to try green eggs and ham.

Dr. Seuss’ ABC (5/5 stars)

An ABC primer, Seuss style!

What Was I Scared Of? (5/5 stars)

Perfect for Halloween or any time of year, this story delivers a timeless message about fear and tolerance. Our story begins with a cute little character who repeatedly meets up with an empty pair of pale-green pants. The narrator is initially afraid of the bizarre trousers, which are able to stand on their own despite the lack of an actual person inside them. However, when he screams for help and the pants also start to cry, he realizes that “They were just as scared as I!”

Gertrude McFuzz (5/5 stars)

As the story begins, a young bird named Gertrude is self-conscious and overly sensitive about her single, seemingly insignificant tail feather. Her desire to alter her physical appearance grows as she adds first one, then two, then three dozen tail feathers. Ultimately left helpless by her obsession to be prettier, Gertrude (and the reader) learn a valuable lesson about accepting and believing in oneself.

The Big Brag (4.5/5 stars)

The story tells of a rabbit and a bear, who both boast that they are the “best of the beasts.” The rabbit can hear far away, but the bear boasts he can smell even farther. However, both animals are humbled by a mere worm who looks ’round the world, right back to his own hill, where he sees “the two biggest fools that have ever been seen!”

See the full list of all the Dr. Seuss interactive storybooks included in the sale here.


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